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Galveston’s Island Bail Bonds is a full-service bail bond agency conveniently located in Galveston, TX, just 3 miles away from the Galveston County Jail. We assist our clients with navigating through the criminal justice system. Our services include Felonies, Misdemeanors, Probation Revocations / Walk Through, Cash Bonds, Surety Bonds, Personal Bail Bonds, Federal Bail Bonds, Immigration Bonds & Transfer Bonds. Call us today for a free quote at (800) 274 – BAIL (2245).

We are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and offer professional advice regarding the bail bond process.

We are proudly serving Galveston County and the surrounding areas. Call us today and speak with one of our trusted agents at 800-274-BAIL (2245).

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A warrant is actually quite simple; it’s a judge’s approval to arrest someone immediately upon contact. In other words, the arrest is on sight.

A bail bond forfeiture occurs when a court appearance is missed, and the company or person who put up the bond is required to pay the defendant’s outstanding bail amount. A forfeited bond becomes the jurisdiction’s property overseeing the case, and it cannot be refunded.

If you have an arrest warrant, you have two options to solve the problem: One, the defendant can turn themselves into the county jail. The defendant will be released if they can post bail. Secondly, contact Island Bail Bonds to arrange to meet one of our seasoned professionals at the local county jail to post bail onsite to try and prevent jail time.

Some of the most common types of bail conditions include: Not consuming any substances forbidden by law or court officials. Reporting to the bail bond agency or a probation officer for regular check-ins. Submitting to a drug or alcohol test.

An arrest warrant is a written order issued and signed by a judge. It authorizes law enforcement to arrest someone based on probable cause that they were involved in illegal activity. A bench warrant is issued when an individual fails to comply with a court order.

A bail bond agent can help relieve your fears and stress in this complicated situation. They are aware of how the courts and bail process works. A bail bond agent can help you check with local law enforcement to find out the bond amount. Complete all of the necessary paperwork to start the bail process. Accompany you to the law enforcement center to complete the process.

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Surety/Walk-Thru Bail Bonds

A Surety/Walk-Thru Bonds is an agreement made between a person and a bondsman.

Bail Bonds

Transfer Bonds are needed when the defendant is arrested in another state or county.

Bail Bonds (PR)

A Personal Bond (PR) is granted by a court judge after an individual’s case and criminal history are reviewed during a pretrial hearing.

Bail Bonds

Federal bonds are for charges that originate out of federal district court.

Bail Bonds

A cash bond is the full amount of the bond required, paid in cash, to release a defendant from jail.

Bail Bonds

An immigration bond is a type of surety bond used to secure the release of a person living unlawfully within the United States.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A bail bond is a document presented to the court to secure the release of a defendant who is in custody and to ensure the defendant’s appearance at all required court hearings.

House arrest involves being sentenced to time at home, under close surveillance, rather than serving a typical jail sentence for non-violent offenders. Offenders who have regular gainful employment may be permitted to work for particular hours every day as part of their court-ordered house arrest.

The money paid through bail is held by the court as collateral so that the accused appears at all court dates and scheduled meetings. Once that process is over, the money that’s posted will be held onto by the court system.

The booking process might vary slightly from one jurisdiction to the next. However, it will generally follow some similar steps: The defendant’s vital information will be recorded, a mug shot will be taken, clothing and personal items will be confiscated, fingerprinting will be done, a full-body search will be completed, a check for warrants and a health check will be done, and incarceration will follow until bail is completed.

Acceptable forms of payment are typically cash or credit card. In some cases, Vimeo, Zelle, and Square options may be available as payment solutions.

An indemnitor/guarantor is an individual, usually a friend or family member of the defendant, who agrees to indemnify the bail agent against a loss. The indemnitor/guarantor must be at least 25 years old with verifiable income.

There are generally six different types of bail bonds we offer here at Island Bail Bonds: Cash Bonds, Surety Bonds, Transfer Bonds, Personal Bail Bonds, Federal Bail Bonds, and Immigration Bail Bonds. To speak to one of our bail bondsmen here in Galveston, TX, contact Island Bail Bonds today!

The price of a bail bond is always dependent on the amount on which the judge set bail. In general, the purchase price of a bail bond is about 10 percent of its value. If the defendant’s bail is set at $10,000, you can usually expect to have to pay around $1000 for the price of the bond. This does not include any additional taxes or fees due to out-of-county trips and credit card processing fees. Some states, jurisdictions, and bail bond offices differ on this number, but it’s usually somewhere in this ballpark.

A violation of bail conditions, also referred to as a breach of bail conditions, may result in:

  • Being arrested
  • A warrant being issued
  • Being held in custody until another bail hearing

When an individual doesn’t have the money to pay the full amount needed for bail, they often reach out to a bail bond agent. A bail bond agent can put up the full amount for bail so that the accused individual can be free until they’re sentenced. There is a fee for the service, but a bail bond agent can help you walk through the process. Call Island Bail Bond today at 1-800-274-2245 (BAIL).

Once a bail bond agent is contacted, it usually takes less than an hour to complete the paperwork. However, release times vary from jail to jail and state to state. It could take as little as thirty minutes or as long as twelve hours to be released from jail.

To check a warrant is a quick and easy process. An Island Bail Bond representative can run your name to determine whether or not there is an outstanding warrant against you.

The amount of money needed for bail depends on several different factors. For cases where the criminal offense is extremely violent or seen as particularly unsettling, the bail amount might be set relatively high. Other times, when the accused is seen as a potential flight risk, when they have a history of missing court dates, or when other factors apply, the bail amount might also be higher.

You will want to prepare the following: The location of the person in custody. The person’s first and last name. Their booking number (Optional). The cost of bail.

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