You have been arrested and must now apply for a Galveston bail bonds. Most likely, you have met with the judge or been released on a set bail amount. You did everything necessary to obtain the bond. Because of stress and worry, the only thing you might not have remembered or listened to was the terms of the bond.

Conditions of Your Bail Bond | Galveston Bail Bonds


First, you must consider what is violating your bail bond conditions. It is often believed that a person only needs to show up at court to get everything in order. However, this is not always true. You may be required to check in with bail bondsmen on a weekly basis. This could be done either by phone, or in person. Some bail bondsmen may ask you to show proof that you are working or to pass drug screenings before you appear in court.

Make sure that you fully understand your bail bond contract before you leave bail bondsman. You need to be clear about your obligations and the requirements. Remember that if you miss a bondman’s appointment, they may revoke your bail and you could be sent back to the jail where you were originally posted.

Court Dates

A court date may be granted to you for either a pretrial determination, or the trial itself. It all depends on the judge’s judgment and the backlog of cases. Although you may think that the case date has been set in stone and cannot be moved, the court can change it at any time.

Keep this in mind. It is your responsibility ensure you have the correct date. Double-check that date. You are responsible for making sure you show up on time to court. Let your bondsman know if your dates have changed. Your judge may cancel your bond if you miss your court date. Your bondsman must also be present to arrest you and return you to jail custody.

Leaving The Area

Exiting the area can result in a violation to your Galveston bail bonds. Your city, county or state may be affected by your decision to leave the area. The boundaries usually refer to leaving a radius of a certain distance or the state. The crime you were arrested for may have an impact on your ability to leave the area.

Remember that bail bondsmen may not be the ones who set the exit limits in certain cases. It may be the judge, or local laws that make the decision. With proper documentation, you may be eligible for special consideration for work purposes or medical reasons.

Another Arrest

You can’t be charged with any new charges while you are on bond. Your bond could be revoked if you are arrested on any new charges. This is a violation that courts will enforce regardless of whether you were arrested. The bondsman will usually cancel the bond immediately or within a few working days of notification that you have failed to appear in court.

These are just some of the situations that could violate your bail bond. Island’s Bail Bonds can help you with any questions you may have about your bail bond.

We are available to answer any questions you may have and provide assistance during and after the bond process. We can help you keep in touch with the courts so that you meet your bail bond requirements and comply with the court system.

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