Many people find getting arrested embarrassing and can have a negative impact on their professional and personal lives. A Galveston bail bonds company can help you keep the situation as discreet as possible by protecting your privacy and keeping all details of your arrest and bail discrete.

Find out how a bail bond company can keep your arrest secret throughout the entire process. This privacy extension could also extend to the cosigner of the bail bonds.

Meeting Locations

Some people don’t want to go to bail bonding. Potential co-signers may not wish to be questioned or seen about the bailout process. A person may not want to be seen or questioned about a bail bond company if they have a warrant for their arrest.

Only have the option of meeting a bail bonds company in a different place to help you find a solution. You might find the ideal location for meeting in coffee shops, at home, or in another public space like a library.

You can talk privately and ask questions during the meeting. Many bail bond companies are open to meeting in different locations. Keep these ideas in mind when making a suggestion for a discreet location.

Collect Calls

Our phones can now track everything in our modern age. All types of collect calls can be accepted by a bail bonds company. Collect calls are usually made from prisons, but you can use a collect phone to establish a private connection that is not recorded on your phone.

You can make a collect call from any number of public telephones, even the few payphones that are still in use. Your contact with Galveston bail bonds companies is not tracked when you make a collect phone call.

Some people may not wish to use their employer’s phone lines, or keep phone records that allow other family members to see you have been in touch with a bail bond company. Bail bonds companies want to assist you in posting your bond quickly and will accept any calls.

24/7 availability

Nobody wants to spend another second in jail. This is why most bail bond companies are open 24 hours a days and 7 days a week. Holidays are also included in the hours of a bail bonds business.

The ease of access not only speeds up the bail process but also protects your privacy. If you are the one who co-signs the bail bond, you can finish the task at the most convenient time for you. It is not necessary to be absent from work or involve family members.

Can even go to bed at night to complete all paperwork if you feel the need. You can also ask any questions you may have. You can make plans and adjust your schedule to meet privacy requirements and keep the entire situation private.

Eliminate Alcohol Home Monitoring

A person charged with DUI or other alcohol-related offenses may be required to undergo alcohol home monitoring in some cases. You can post bail with a trusted bail bonds company and eliminate the need for home monitoring.

Don’t have to wear a tracker bracelet, blood alcohol scanner, or tracker bracelet because the home monitoring has been removed. You can now roam free and have no curfew after the monitor has been removed. You must show up to court.

No don’t have to tell others about your situation or let others judge you. You can protect your privacy and avoid any humiliation that may result.

Exclusive Agreements

You don’t need to trust the Galveston bail bonds Company company just to get the privacy you want. The whole agreement may be written up as an exclusive agreement.

You can limit communication about the bail bond between the person being arrested, the cosigner and any attorneys representing the person. A bail bonds company won’t provide any information to anyone outside of this group.

If someone comes to the bail bonds office asking about a bond that you have paid, the company won’t give them any details. This extra privacy will ensure that no one can pry into your business or the money you have paid to bail bonds.

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