What is a Bail Bond in Galveston?

A bail bonds Galveston is an agreement between a criminal defendant and the court to pay money or appear at trial. A bail bondsman cosigns the bail bond and charges the defendant a fee for the guarantee.

Bail bond is a type surety bond.

Only the United States and Philippines have a commercial bail bond system. Bail may be imposed in other countries to restrict the freedom of criminal defendants until they are tried.


How does a Bail Bond Work?

A bail hearing is usually given to anyone charged with a crime. The judge can set bail at his or her discretion. If the defendant is facing charges of a violent crime, or is likely to be fleeing danger, a judge can deny bail or place it at an unreasonable level.

Galveston Bail bonds  amounts are usually set by judges with wide discretion. The amounts can vary from one jurisdiction to the next. Bail could be set at $500 for a defendant accused of a nonviolent offense. The bail for felony crimes charges is usually higher, at $20,000 or more.

The defendant has the option of staying in jail until the charges are settled at trial or to arrange for bail bond. Or, he can pay the full bail amount until the case is closed. Some courts will accept title and collateral to a home as a substitute for cash.

Bail bondmen (also known as bail bond agents) provide written agreements to criminal court to pay full bail if defendants they guarantee fail or are not present on their trial dates.

In return for their services, bail bondsmen charge 10% of the bail amount upfront. Additional fees may also be charged. The maximum amount that can be charged in some states is capped at 8%.

An agent might also request a statement of creditworthiness, or demand that the defendant provide collateral in the form property or securities. Most property of value is accepted by bail bondsmen, which includes cars, jewelry and houses, as well as bonds and stocks.

The defendant is released from jail until the trial after the bail or bail bond has been delivered.

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