Galveston bail bonds, a family-owned bonding agency, was established in 2005. We are celebrating our 10th year anniversary this year. After witnessing minor legal errors being made, we started the company. We realized we could either be part of the solution or the problem. We assist families in navigating the complicated legal system and getting their loved ones back on track to their normal lives and jobs. It is rewarding to be able to offer a service that people depend on, which is why bail bonds can be a rewarding business.

What have the past 10 years seen in Island’s Bail Bond Industry?

Bail bondsmen weren’t held responsible for charging the maximum or minimum amount they were charged in the past. The result was that charges were not uniform across companies and there was little consistency in the amount they charged. Bail bonds companies now have to charge a minimum 10% bond fee and can charge as high as a maximum 20% bond fee. This has made it easier for bail bond agencies in Island to compete.

The actual jail is another small change in bail bond industry. The jail now charges an inmate a bonding fee. The jail charges a $5 fee for each warrant the inmate is bailed out on. The jail will charge $10 for each warrant you have, if you have more than one. The jail may charge a fee to process bail bonds. This fee could be passed on to the defendant or co-signer.

There is a difference between Bail Bond Agents (Bounty Hunters), and Bail Recovery Agents.

Bail bond agents pay money to bail you out of jail. However, bail recovery agents (also known as bounty hunters) are responsible for bringing you back to jail. The bail bond agency invests in bail recovery agents to hire bail bond agents. They receive a portion of the bond to send a bail skipper back to jail. Although they have completely different jobs, the bounty hunter is crucial to the financial success and well-being of bail bond agents.

What have the past 10 years seen in the Bail Recovery Industry?

Pistol Pete’s can help you become a Island bail recovery agent.

Over the past decade, bail recovery has seen significant changes. The industry has become more regulated. To be able to work in this field, one must become certified. This is how to become a Island bail collection agent.

After a recovery agent has obtained their license, they can obtain their official badge. Island bail bonds allows bail enforcement agents or bail recovery agents to display or wear a badge that has been approved by the Bail Bond Recovery Licensure Board. Bail recovery agents must carry their badge with the number of their professional license.

Benefits of privatized bail bonds versus government-controlled

Entrepreneurs are bail bondsmen and bail recovery agent. Professionals in the bail industry pay for their handcuffs and their education. Island would pay more taxes if it managed these industries. The state would have to provide equipment and training for its employees. Tax payers save money when bail is privatized

Bondsmen and bounty hunters also have the advantage of being able to spend more time with local law enforcement. Bounty hunters are responsible for taking criminals who have been released on bail back to jail, usually for minor offenses such as pot charges. This allows the police to concentrate on more serious crimes. Bail and bounty agents also treat people with respect and care. We treat people who call us to bail as paying customers. They will come back next time. People seeking bail would be treated more like prisoners if the government managed the bail industry. We’ll let you decide how this would change.

Galveston bail bonds

This Galveston bail bonds industry is rarely ever dull, and many aspects have changed over the past decade. Our commitment to Island and our goal to provide excellent service to clients, 24 hours a days, 365 days a years, is what has remained constant. We want our customers to have the ability to trust us for at least ten years more.

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