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Island Bail Bonds of Galveston provides insightful tips, tools, and resources for your personal use. Please contact our offices today to conduct a warrant or inmate search. We have a talented team of agents standing by. Call us today at (800) 274-BAIL (2245).

Inmate Search

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Searching for an inmate is a quick and easy process. When you call Island Bail Bonds of Galveston, you will need to know the inmate’s first and last name, when they were arrested, and the county they were arrested in. Some of the databases let you do a search using an alias or partial name, but for the most part, a full first and last name is required.

When searching for an inmate, if their name does not appear in the system, they could possibly be still in the booking process or be in a federal or immigration facility. Call (800) 274-BAIL (2245), and one of our talented team members at Island Bail Bonds of Galveston can assist you.

Warrant Search

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The online warrant search process provides information about most misdemeanor or felony warrants and other processes issued. If your name appears on a warrant list, act immediately to avoid arrest. You may post bail in the form of a surety bond obtained through a licensed bail bond agent from Island Bail Bonds of Galveston. You may also deposit cash in the amount of your bail, or you may surrender yourself and request that a magistrate release you on a personal bond without sureties or other security. Call us today at (800) 274-BAIL (2245).

Types of Criminal Activity

Island Bail Bonds of Galveston is Owned and Operated by World Class Experts

Violate Crimes 100%
Property Crimes 95%
White Collar Crimes 80%
Organized Crimes 50%

Island Bail Bonds of Galveston is a trusted and reliable bail bond agency centrally located in Galveston County. The expertise of our skilled and professionally trained bail bond agents are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to assist you with navigating through the criminal justice system.

We work hand in hand with our clients to assist them with the bail bonding process. Our fast and convenient service options separate us from local competitors. Call us today at (800) 274-BAIL (2245).


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