Being pulled over for drunk driving can be frightening, especially if you are arrested. One small drink can increase your alcohol levels beyond the legal limit. These are the terms that you should know if you’ve been charged with DUI. Galveston bail bonds can help you to get bail out of jail.

Your license may be suspended if you are convicted of DUI. Your license can be reinstated eventually, but you may not be allowed to drive while waiting. If you are unable or unwilling to drive, you may be granted a conditional license.

A conditional license allows you to drive anywhere the courts decide. You may, for example, be allowed to drive home from work or home with a conditional license. You could be breaking your license conditions by driving to the store during your lunch break. This information will be required if you need to drive to work or to make deliveries.

Blood Alcohol Concentration

The blood alcohol concentration (BAC), is the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream. Although each state has its own regulations regarding the legal BAC for driving, many states, including Florida use 0.08 percent as the maximum BAC that you are allowed to drive legally. You will be required to give your breath, blood or urine as proof of your BAC. You can expect to be charged with DUI if your BAC exceeds the legal limit.

Because everyone is different, it’s not possible to know your BAC without testing. Two drinks might be sufficient for a tall, heavy man. However, two drinks could put a smaller, thinner woman over the limit.

DUI School

The courts might order you to attend DUI School or to take classes about driving under the influence of alcohol and narcotics after you have been convicted. These classes can help you avoid jail and/or severe fines. In other cases, you may need them to reinstate your license. Island bail bonds help your beloved ones to get out of jail.

No matter if you pass or fail the classes the information will be reported back to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. If you fail, you won’t get your license back. Although DUI classes are expensive, they can help you save money on your insurance premiums if you’re allowed to drive again. 

These savings are especially important as you might need to prove insurance before you can regain your driving privileges. Galveston bail bonds is a top rate bail bond agency.

An enhancement refers to a higher punishment or additional charge for DUI. If this is your second DUI in a few years, then you might have to spend more time in jail, pay higher fines or have your car impounded. If you refuse to take a chemical test, or if your BAC is extremely high, you may be eligible for an enhancement.

An enhancement may be granted if other laws are broken during the DUI. These include reckless driving, child harm, speeding and driving too slowly or swerving. The enhancement does not include injuries or damages resulting from accidents that you cause while driving under the influence of alcohol.

DUI convictions can result in your license being suspended for a period of time. You may also have to attend special classes. Island Bail Bonds can help you if you have a friend who was arrested for drunk driving.

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