Three Reasons Why You Need a Bail Bond Agency To Get Out Of Jail

Your Galveston bail bonds hearing or arraignment is the first court appearance you will have after your arrest. This hearing is only possible if you do not make bail within 24 hours of being booked. The bail schedule will be provided by the jail. The presiding judge will review your bail amount and make any modifications at their discretion. The judge may consider you a flight risk or the severity of your crime to determine how bail is determined.

To get out of jail, bail is the money you pay to ensure that you appear in court until your case is resolved. While you can make your bail yourself using your assets, most cases call for a Galveston bail bonds agency. Learn more about the benefits of using a bail bondman.

Reasons to Use a Galveston Bail Bond Agency | Island Bail Bonds

1. Make Your Bail More Affordable With Galveston Bail Bonds

The best thing about using a bail bondman to post bail is the fact that your bail will be less expensive. You must pay the entire bail amount if you are using your own money.

You can use your own money to post bail in full and not the bondsmen’s 10 percent. This means that all your funds are available to the court for payment of fines, court costs, fees, etc.

A Galveston bail bonds charges a flat fee equal to 10% of the bail amount. This fee is non-refundable but it greatly reduces the cash you need to bail. Brad’s Bail Bonds will allow you to pay the 10% fee through a payment plan. This plan will help alleviate any financial stress you might experience as a result of your arrest.

2. Shorten Your Time in Jail

Galveston bail bonds has another great advantage: it often reduces the time you spend in jail. You will be locked up until your court date if you can’t afford bail.

Even if your bail is paid out of pocket, it can take time to build up your assets and make them available for you. Your time in jail will be significantly extended if your arrest occurs on a weekend or during the night.

You or your loved ones can call a bail agency any time of day to initiate the bail bond process. After your bail has been posted, your loved one or you must go to the bail bond agency to sign final paperwork and to pay the bond fee if it wasn’t already paid.

3. Expand your payment options

Many bail bond companies offer a variety of payment options. Brads Bail Bond accepts all major credit cards. They also offer partial payment plans for those who need cash.

Individuals who are required to post bail may be able to use credit cards in some court districts. You will need to pay additional fees if you use your credit card at the jail or courts. These additional fees cannot be charged by bail bondsmen.

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