It doesn’t matter what reason you have, being held in jail or detention is unpleasant. You can usually be released on bail unless you are being held for a capital, serious or violent crime. Before you contact a relative or friend to post bail, however, it is important to know a few basics about bail bonds facts in Galveston.

How Bail is Determined

After being arrested, you will be booked in the county jail. In almost all cases, bail will be assigned immediately from the bail schedule used by the jail. If bail is not available at the time of booking, you can appear before a judge in a matter of days. The judge will decide whether bail is granted and how much you have to pay. The bail amount is determined by the severity of the crime. A set bail is generally used for felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic violations, which are not domestic-related or capital offenses. These crimes can be dealt with before the judge.

How to post bail using Galveston bail bonds services

You have the option to pay the entire bail amount to the court yourself or to have someone else pay it. Or, you can talk to a bail bond company and pay a fraction of the total amount, such as 10% or $100. If the bail amount is very large, you may not be able to pay it yourself or with a group.

Even a small bail amount might not be enough to cover your immediate expenses. You don’t want to place yourself or others in financial trouble. Galveston bail bonds are the best way to regain your freedom and not put yourself or anyone else in financial trouble.

How to get a co-signer

Not everyone can meet the requirements for a bail bond. You may need a cosigner if you are not familiar with the area, have poor credit, are unemployed, or have had multiple encounters with the law. These requirements must also be met by the co-signer. Talk to your friends to find out who is available to help you.

To find out what the bail bond company requires, you should call them first. You should also contact your family and friends to discuss co-signing the bond. Once you have identified the right person to assist you, you should give them the number of bail bond company. Also give your co-signers’ information to the Galveston bail bonds company to quickly get things moving.

How Long Before You Get Out Of Jail

It takes time to complete all the paperwork required for an arrest. It takes longer to complete paperwork necessary for the release of a prisoner on bail. To ease your mind, you can ask the bail officer if it has been posted. However, do not expect to be released at a specific time. Some jails release prisoners on a specific schedule. Relax and wait for your name called. You will be released.

It can be stressful to go through the entire process of arrest, arraignment, and posting bail. It is important to remember that you will be released. If you are in Land O’ lakes, FL detention center, contact Brad’s Bail Bonds. We will work closely with you and your cosigner to get you out of jail as soon as possible.

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